Saturday, November 20, 2010

Master Park Plan Ad Hoc Committee

Ever had a complaint or idea on how to better plan Forks Township parks? Have a good idea about recreational activities? If yes, this is your chance to get involved!

Forks Township has established a Master park Plan Ad Hoc Committee to create a recommendation to the board on how to use the new 43 acre park near Richmond Road. The new park will also host the new Public Works Building.

The committee will consist of a member from the Planning Commission, Recreation Board, Forks Township AA, Parks and Recreation Director, Township Manager, Chair of the Parks and Recreation Standing Committee, and interested persons of the public.

This is your chance to get involved!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Forks BoS Approves Webcasting Cost Study

Yesterday, I proposed and the board agreed to obtain the costs for several webcasting options.

I am happy we are looking at the possibility of implementing webcasting, so our residents can see the board in-action.

Get Involved! Every Voice Counts!

Morning Call – Sounding Board Question

As a third generation Republican, I am worried about the direction of our country. Too many times, we have seen partisan politics highjack an honest political debate. Too many times, emotion instead of facts drive our public policy. We have also seen hateful personal attacks on our elected officials that somehow pass as civil public discord.

As the 2010 election restores the balance of power between the two parties, we must be mindful of the responsibility of any elected official. As my friend once told me, we take an oath of office, not an oath of party. So, I have a question for the Republican leadership team? Are you really suggesting the goal of the party is to grind the government to a halt, unless the President agrees to the Republican principles? Are you suggesting it is time to take our toys and go home if we do not get our way? What happened to the party of creative ideas and problem solving?

As the Republican Party returns to its core social conservative values, we must remember that our duty is to the people we represent, not our political party. If you are truly a constitutional voter, then you already know we are elected by the people for the people.

So, here is my challenge for our newly elected state officials. Take the time to meet the people and understand our struggles. Take the time to go door-to-door after the election to hear people’s hopes and dreams. Resist the pressure to vote along party lines and continue the gridlock. Do not forget about us, as you head to Washington DC and Harrisburg.

Finally, if the political leadership of both parties chooses to chart a course of gridlock over cooperation, then the same voter anger that swept the Republicans into power in 2010 will sweep us out of power in 2012. It is time to start solving our nation problems and stop the political rhetoric. This is the real message of the 2010 election!


I wish you courage in these troubled times.