Sunday, September 27, 2009

Reminder - Special Election on Sept 29, 2009

Just a reminder! A special election will be held on September 29, 2009 to pick the next State Senator for the 24th Senatorial District in Pennsylvania

State Rep. Robert Mensch, of the 147th District and Anne Scheuring, of the Lansdale Borough Council will vie for the open seat.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Forks Community Days

The past two days weather was spectacular, as the citizens of Forks Township gathered for two days to celebrate our community.  We got dined on hot dogs, hamburgers, gyro's, cheese steaks, and lots of soda. I really enjoyed the Boy Scouts Troop 29 peach clobber with ice cream. The car show was great and many people enjoyed the hot air balloon rides.   

On a lighter note, I had the opportunity to be "dunked" in the Community Days dunk tank by fellow citizens to benefit the Forks Athletic Association. The water was pretty cold, but I really enjoyed the experience. It was good to raise money to support our youth.

The Saturday night's fireworks were the best ever and on Sunday afternoon the Forks Falcons football team was in action against the Easton Little Rovers.  It was fun!


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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

2009 Forks Supervisor Campaign Starts! Part 2

The fall campaign is about to start.  Here are some of the issues that I'll be discussing (Part 2):


  1. Create a robust and active Business Relations organization -- This is critical to figuring out why so many retail businesses in this township fail. It is disturbing that Forks Township does not collect data on business failures in order to determine the root cause and help to prevent it in the first place.  Retail businesses need our help.  It is time to act!
  2. Proactive Community Planning -- We need to proactively identify businesses we want in Forks Township and take steps to attract them!  It is important the new Forks Business Association succeed and help the township create a viable economic development plan.  It is time to act!

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Monday, September 14, 2009

2009 Forks Supervisor Campaign Starts!

The fall campaign is about to start.  Here are some of the issues that I'll be discussing (Part 1):

  1. Lean Township Spending -- We need to implement a fiscally conservative approach to township finances. I believe we need to hold he line on Real Estate Taxes. It is time to act!
  2. Clean Government -- In my mind, clean government has three basic components.  First, candidates for public office should have the highest level of integrity.  Second, Forks needs to have an open access policy to documents and officials.  Finally, Township elected officials should proactively reach out to the public on critical issues and seek diverse ideas while formulating public policy. It is time to act!
  3. Go Green -- Too many times, innovative energy saving solutions are just talk and nothing more.  Forks needs to continue implementing forward thinking ideas.  A good example is the Solar Ordinance passed by the Planning Commission.  In terms of open space, it is clear that the decision about whether to fund an open space initiative should be up to the voters.  Private citizens (or a formal group) should take the lead in crafting and leading a winnable Open Space Referendum.  Forks' farm acreage is shrinking fast, and it is critical that decisions be made ASAP. It is time to act!
  4. Create a truly transparent government -- The good folks of Forks Township deserve easy and consistent access to public township records. The 2009 budget with all accounting notes, all 2009 department plans, all five-year plans, all developer plans, all final legal decisions from the Zoning Hearing Board, all drafts of the Comprehensive Plan (including maps/exhibits), and all public testimony on any topic - should be easily available.  I have a simple and easy solution:  Reduce the per copy price from 25 cents to 5 cents and put these (for free) documents on-line. It is time to act!

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Forks Community Days

Forks Community Days will be held on September 19 and 20th.  I will campaigning at Forks Days. I hope we get a chance to chat about the issues facing our community.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Forks Township BoS awards contract

On a 3 to 2 vote, the Forks Township BoS awarded the DPW building contract to the architectural firm of Kimmel-Bogrette.

I think Kimmel Bogrette is a well qualified firm and will do a great job. Now the township needs to decide the new location of the DPW building.

Stay tuned!


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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Who gets the Forks Township DPW Building Contract?

I have briefly described the three architectural  firms competing for a mulit-million contract to built our new DPW building.  Two of the three firms discussed completing the DPW building on the 53 acres by Newlins and Richmond Rd. Yes, it is possible the new DPW building will be built on the eastern portion of our proposed park (near Lower Way).

Just a couple of thoughts on the three firms.  All the firms are well-qualified and would create a cool building. I believe our township will be proud of the new building.

  • All three firms are LEED accredited by the U.S. Green Building Council. 
  • Two of the three firms have a track record of cost containment by holding Change Requests to less than 1%.
  • The firms are willing to conduct public meetings to explain the building designs.
  • Two of the three firms will use pre-engineered structures to complete the building in order to reduce costs.
  • Two of the firms will focus on understanding the township desires and goals, prior to creating a building design. Given the new DPW building may be locate in our new park, a smart design is critical to the project success.


Here is my vote. I would choose Godshall Kane Associates or Kimnnel Bogrette Architects. They both have a strong desire to create a innovative design, adhere to LEED standards, while creating a highly functional public works building. 

At the September 3, 2009  Forks Township BoS meeting, the supervisors will consider the question of choosing of one three highly qualified firms to build our new DPW building.  Stay tuned!

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Forks Township DPW Building - Rd 2

Last night, the last two architectural firms presented their ideas about the design of our DPW building.

According to the George J Donovan AIA web site:  "The Award-winning firm was established in 1976.  With over 32 years in practice, we are a multi-disciplined architectural firm located in Bedminster serving the Bucks County area, and in the City of Bethlehem serving the Greater Lehigh Valley. We specialize in both new construction and renovation projects, including historic renovation, restoration, and adaptive reuse of structures"

They are LEED accredited by the U.S. Green Building Council and maintain a a strong desire to create sustainable buildings and communities.  The following is a sampling of completed projects:

  • South Converty Township
  • Buckingham Township
  • Newtown Township
  • Doylestown Township

They also provided a schedule for completion of our Public Works Building. The project could start on September 4, 2009 and be completed by April 30, 2011.

Godshall Kane Architects is based in Amber Pa.  According to their website: "The Principals, Kevin Godshall, AIA & Damon Royal Kane, AIA, have each dedicated their professional careers to pursuing their individual areas of interest. Kevin Godshall represents the creative, design oriented side of the profession. Over the last decade he has focused on creating the most appropriate and responsive designs for his clients. Damon Royal Kane represents the more technical side of the equation. His focus for the last 25 years has been to build an extensive knowledge of building systems and components. By combining these two perspectives with our technical staff, Godshall Kane Architects is able to offer a high level of combined experience, delivered in a direct and personalized manner by the two partners".

They are also LEED accredited and believe deeply in "Green designs" for their various projects. It was interesting, Godshall Kane architects have extensive experience in building school buildings.

The following is a sampling of completed projects:

  • Lower Moreland Township
  • New London Township
  • Kulpmont Township
  • Whitpain Township
  • Lower Providence Community Library

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