Saturday, February 5, 2011

American Community Survey - Social


Forks Township has 5,254 households with the average household size of 2.63 and an average family size of 3.16.

Total households 5,254
Family households (families) 3,835
With own children under 18 years 1,972
Married-couple family 3,429
With own children under 18 years 1,808
Male householder, no wife present, family 64
With own children under 18 years 0
Female householder, no husband present, family 342
With own children under 18 years 164
Nonfamily households 1,419
Householder living alone 1,302
65 years and over 469
Households with one or more people under 18 years 2,023
Households with one or more people 65 years and over 1,203
Average household size 2.63
Average family size 3.16


School Enrollment: We have 3,632 kids in school with the majority of kids enrolled in grades 1-8 and 683 in high school.

Population 3 years and over enrolled in school 3,632
Nursery school, preschool 400
Kindergarten 323
Elementary school (grades 1-8) 1,687
High school (grades 9-12) 683
College or graduate school 539


Educational Attainment: We have 3711 residents with a bachelor degree or higher.

Population 25 years and over 9,446
Less than 9th grade 100
9th to 12th grade, no diploma 439
High school graduate (includes equivalency) 2,673
Some college, no degree 1,771
Associate's degree 752
Bachelor's degree 2,356
Graduate or professional degree 1,355
Percent high school graduate or higher 94.3%
Percent bachelor's degree or higher 39.3%

Governor Corbett Dilemma


First, I find the murder of innocent children who were born alive in a Philadelphia abortion clinic morally reprehensible and utterly repugnant. If the doctor’s actions are proven in court, he should be punished to the fullest extend of the law.

Now what happens? If you are a pro-life advocate you will want the abortion clinic shutdown. If you are pro-choice advocate you will wonder how this could happen and what kind of regulations could be implemented to prevent future tragedies.

This answer is not easy. As abortions are legal in the United States, Governor Corbett cannot shutdown the clinics based upon his personal beliefs. The Governor can ensure the abortion clinics strictly follow the letter of the law and legal abortions are performed in a safe manner.

Given, I am a pro-life advocate, I am reminded of a difficult decision my daughter made 8 years ago, as she bore a child out of wedlock. She made the decision to have her son, my grandson, so he could enjoy a full and healthy life. A decision even more remarkable, as my grandson has been recently diagnosed with autism. I am proud she chose the gift of life, not the anguish of abortion. Had she had chosen a different path; I would not have the opportunity to see the world through my grandson eyes. He is a remarkable 8 year old!

As Governor Corbett weighs his options, I pray he holds firm with his personal beliefs, but also remembers he has the obligation to uphold the law of the land.