Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stockertown approaches Forks Township for Police Services

At tonight's Forks Township BoS meeting, our police chief stated Stockertown was interested in  obtaining the services of the Forks Police department.

I will keep you informed of future developments!

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Anonymous said...

Considering that Forks Township currently has an absurdly oversized Police force for the coverage area, I sincerely hope that if the Township does not decide to reduce the size, that they actually work out a deal to generate some needed revenue.

Anonymous said...

i think stockertown needs this BAD we hve lived here for many years the police dept is never around and when they are theyare to busy picking on little things instead of the big isse with people speading all the time on mail st we cant even let the kids near that road becaue of the speeders the limit is 35 on this oad tractor trailers go 50 the stockertown police are never out there stoping any of worried about kids doing kid things in the town..its about time stockertown gets it together on what is best for our town

Anonymous said...

Instead of Stockertown looking to "contract out" yet another critical service to their residents, the Borough should explore annexation discussions with Upper Nazareth or Plainfield townships. Both could easily provide adequate police coverage for the small Stockertown area. As an added bonus Stockertown would then be part of a municipality that has a fire dept. Either way residents would be better served by those larger townships. Consolidating services, facilities etc. with a more established / modern township would be a positive for the taxpayers. Time has come for Stockertown to put aside self rule for the good of their residents.